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Instruments and Instrument Collections

Akio Obuchi-j Geigenwerk
Cobbe Collection
Theewes Harpsichord (Rose)
Yale University Collection of Musical Instruments
Lego Harpsichord
Early English Organ Project
Dallam Organ, Old Narragansett Church, RI, USA
Düben organ, Tyske Kyrkan, Stockholm - Stoplist
GOart North German Organ Project
National Pipe Organ Register (NPOR)
Oaxacan Historic Organ Institute
St. Botolph Aldgate

Instrument makers and hirers
UK Harpsichord and Clavichord Makers
Christopher Barlow
Peter Barnes
Peter Bavington
Colin Booth
Robert Deegan
Andrew Garlick
Alan Gotto
Michael Johnson
Malcolm Rose
Hugh Saunders
Andrew Wooderson
UK Hirers
Simon Neal
William Drake
Goetze & Gwynn

Bies Organ Builders (Slovakia)
Claudio Casiglia
Ugo Casiglia
Titus Crijnen
Matthias Griewisch
Andreas Hermert
Geert Karman
Bruce Kennedy
Andreas Kilström
Volker Martin
Grant O'Brien
Martin Pühringer
The Swedish Society of Organbuilding
Walter Vonbank Orgelbau

Species Counterpoint (University of Chicago)
Species Counterpoint (Southhampton University)

Music for free download
Acadia Early Music Archive
Cantata Editions (17th- and 18th- century Italian cantatas)
Celesti Fiori - Italian Motets of the 17th Century (provides only sample pages)
Free Sheetmusic from Johan Tufvesson
Godfreys Book-Shelf

Digitised Music MSS from Italian Libraries - I fondi musicale digitalizzati presenti su Internet Culturale
Digital Mozart Edition
Mutopia Project
International Music Score Library Project (IMSLP)
Online Scores for Study and Analysis (Postscript and Sibelius files)
Pièces de la renaissance: Partitions (includes some early Baroque works)
Project Gutenberg
The Scarlatti Project (Cantatas, serenatas and arias by Alessandro Scarlatti)

Performers and Composers
Claudio Astronio
Patrick Ayrton
Colin Booth
Helen Charlston
Menno van Delft
I Fagiolini
Jeremy Filsell
London Baroque
David Maric
Magdalena Consort
Norbert Meyn
Julian Perkins
Yves Rechsteiner
Timothy Roberts
Ruby Muse
Clare Salaman
Paul Simmonds
Miklós Spányi
Pawel Siwczak

The Society of Strange and Ancient Instruments

Julian Trevelyan
Vox Zambezi

Performance Practice
Bassus Generalis
Dufay Notation Manual (Ross Duffin)
J S Bach’s Clavichord Technique
Tonelli kb. version of Corelli Op.5
Silbiger 'In Defense of Facsilimes'

Publishers and music suppliers
Norsk Musikforlag
ArTThon-16th to 18th c.Czeck keyboard music

Coleman Music
C. P. E. Bach Complete Works
Doveton Music
RG Editions

OMI Old Manuscripts & Incunabula

Recording companies

Deux-Elles Recordings
BIS Records

Channel Classics
Divine Art
Lammas Recordings

Archive of Seventeenth-Century Madrigals and Arias (John Whenham, University of Birmingham, UK)
Digital Bach Archive Leipzig
Bach Bibliography (Yo Tomita)
Bach Cantatas
Bach: Das Wohltemperierte Clavier, Book 2. London Manuscript [GB-Lbl Add. 35021]
Bach Network
CPE Bach's Art Collection Reconstructed
British Monarchy in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries
Buxtehude Tercentenary: web commentary by Dr Geoffrey Webber
Chopin's First Editions Online (CFEO)
Chopin Early Editions (University of Chicago)
Christopher Hogwood
Dictionary of Musical Themes (Barlow and Morgenster) Midi Files of Themes
Dublin, Trinity College (Manuscripts & Archives Research Library at Trinity College Library Dublin)
Early Music Online (RHC)
Electronic Corpus of Lute Music
Frescobaldi Thematic Catalogue Online (FTCO)
The Fitzwilliam Project
Gothenburg Organ art (GOart)
The Hymn Tune Library
NMA- New Mozart Edition
Nanki Digital Resources
North German Organ Tuning
Online Chopin Variorum Edition (OCVE)
Partimenti (Monuments of Partimenti)
Robert O. Gjerdingen
Richard Gibbs and Norwich Composers
Solfeggi (Monuments of Solfeggi)

Boston Clavichord Society
British Clavichord Society
British Harpsichord Society

British Institute of Organ Studies
English Harpsichord Magazine

Harpsichord & Fortepiano Magazine
London Organ Improvisation Course
National Centre for Early Music
Princeton Early Keyboard Centre
Society for 17th Century Music


Bach's Tuning, B Lehman
Claudio di Veroli, Unequal Temperaments
Graphic view of Historical Temperaments
Lehmann's Temperament Calculator
North German Organ Tuning
Reyburn CyberTuner
Temperament: A Beginner's Guide
Vogel Tuning Sets


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